Izil Diamond Mineralizing Facial

30 min 350 AED

Facial massages are treatments and techniques that involve hands or a particular tool that can aid in gently massaging your face. Based in Dubai, EuroSpa offers a truly relaxing facial massage that will instantly uplift your face and ensure you glowing and healthy skin. As professionals, we only source the finest quality products to ensure effective results with no damage. Our therapist will work their fingers down the bridge of your nose and continue sweeping under the eyes and cheekbones respectively to help ease the blood flow. What’s amazing is that facials tend to relax your mind and body, translating into reduced stress and an improved mood. So give yourself a break by witnessing our private and serene environment along with the added benefit of having one of the best-trained masseuses.

From acne to blackheads, be assured to eradicate skin impurities and welcome glowing skin. Our facial massage session begins with a consultation, followed by cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, masks, and finally, massage with a moisturizer. We offer a 30 minutes facial massage, which is priced at 350 AED. Our certified professionals use the best quality products, improving the overall appearance of your skin. Feel free to customize our massage treatments based on your preference. While preparing yourself for a facial massage, customers are advised to wear comfortable clothing. Unplug yourself to truly enjoy this mini retreat! Contact us today for more information.

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