Couple’s Massage

60 min 1045 AED
90 min 1470 AED

Couples massage is a treatment where couples accompany each other to treat themselves to a lavish and relaxing massage session. Each of them is serviced by two different therapists in the same room. Affection is by far the most emotional expression in human beings. Couple massage ensures closeness and increases this bond of affection. During our couple’s massage, the techniques used help release dopamine, thereby increasing joy and intimacy between the couple. Relax your muscles and mind to this rejuvenating couple massage therapy. Based in Dubai, EuroSpa offers customers professional massage treatments in a serene and private room, delivering a peaceful environment. The massage therapists commence simultaneously and coordinate the treatment for the couple accordingly for better results. During the session, one can expect access to relaxing showers, hot tubs, and other luxury spa amenities to enhance the overall experience. Our couple massage treatment guarantees utmost relaxation in a truly luxurious style.

We have two sessions available based on your preference. You can choose from a 90-minute duration or a 60-minute duration, with the former priced at 1470 AED while the latter is priced at 1045 AED. If you have any specific requirements, feel free to consult with our therapists, who'll tailor it to match your requirement perfectly. To learn more about the service or to avail of our relaxing couple massage treatment, give us a call today!

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