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The Best European Massage


60 min 500 AED 90 min 700 AED
swedish relax massage

The system of Swedish massage differs from other known methods in that it is an excellent diagnostic method.

Swedish massage is often used not only as a therapeutic method but also for preventive purposes. With its help, a person can get rid of various ailments of the musculoskeletal system, as well as from problems with internal organs. Regular sessions of Swedish Dubai massage serve as a powerful relaxing remedy against stress and depression.


60 min 500 AED 90 min 700 AED
aromatherapy massage

Hot stone massage is a unique massage technique, where a highly trained therapist places smooth, heated stones on the body or uses them as an extension of their own hands.

This type of massage can be either deeply relaxing or help warm up tight muscles.


60 min 1000 AED 90 min 1400 AED
couples massage

Couple massage session that you will visit together you’re your beloved will help relieve tension, get rid of fatigue and restore strength.

But most importantly - couple massage for two will give you the opportunity to tune in to one wave, and it does not matter, in silence you will spend time or in a leisurely conversation. Rest becomes much more enjoyable, if you can share emotions with your partner.


60 min 1000 AED 90 min 1400 AED
4 hands massage

This stimulating massage focuses on exploitation four hands on your hands, arms, legs and feet.

The restorative expertise is evidenced best with special organic oil to unharness muscle tension and stress in your arms and legs to cut back fatigue and increase flexibility through a soothing medical aid session with our specialists. Four hands Dubai massage is a unique and truly revolutionary procedure as it gives a double health effect, effective cosmetic care, and an exquisite double pleasure!


30 min 350 AED
facial massage

Facial Dubai massage works like a natural lifting without chemical impact, effectively supporting the oval.

The correct manual effect of Dubai massage on the skin allows you to treat and prevent such cosmetic imperfections as acne, enlarged pores, flabbiness and spots on the skin. Facial Dubai massage prolongs the youthfulness of the skin. The skin of the face looks fresh, smooth and supple. In addition, facial Dubai massage is a surprisingly pleasant procedure that improves mood and general emotional state.


60 min 500 AED 90 min 700 AED
facial massage

A more extended, dynamic and stress-busting, non-oil massage. Especially immaculate to extend the whole body post-exercise session.


60 min 700 AED
facial massage

Cupping therapy is an old type of elective medication in which an advisor puts unique containers on your skin for a couple of minutes to make suction.

Individuals get it for some, reasons, incorporating to help with agony, aggravation, blood stream, unwinding and prosperity, and as a sort of profound tissue knead. Cupping is utilized to treat constant torment—back torment and cerebral pains, specifically. It's tied in with disposing of musculoskeletal torment, which is regularly a physical indication of endless pressure.


60 min 600 AED 90 min 900 AED
deep tissue sport massage

It is aimed at the deep tissues of the body, including tendons and other supporting tissues that make up the muscles and joints.

Compared to other popular kinds of Dubai massage, which are usually going with light pressure and can include moving the body to certain positions - deep tissue massage is usually slower and harder. This Dubai massage is the best choice for sportsmen.


60 min 500 AED 90 min 700 AED
aromatherapy massage

Since ancient times, the healing power of aromatic essential oils is known which, due to the content of a huge amount of useful psychochemical substances

due to the content of a huge amount of useful psychochemical substances, can have a beneficial effect on the body and mind of a person. The special benefit of Dubai massage with aroma oils is the best combination of soft touch and the healing properties of essential oils.


475 AED
manicure and pedicure

Caring about your hands and feet isn’t only a good way to make a nice impression, but it’s a great respect to your body.

Caring about your hands and feet isn’t only a good way to make a nice impression but it’s a great respect to your body. Just read: smooth hands and heels, clean, perfect and well-groomed nails – it’s necessary to have, it’s a huge and real pleasure to have. This procedure is very effective, has much pleasure in process and lovely results for your body’s beauty.


760 AED
Waxing for men

This practice is getting more and more popular day by day. While removing hair of your body, feel like you’re changing

becoming more relaxed and satisfied with your perfect body. Your arms, back, legs or any other part of your body must feel all the care that you create for them.


600 AED
Waxing for men

It's a unique kind of massage using feet, relaxing and energetic, very useful for joints.

This kind of massage creates your body balance and relaxes your mind. Let all the stress leave to somewhere far. Lomi Lomi massage isn’t working only to relax the whole body, but it works to make you the healthiest one. Feel the harmony in your body, in its every part from skin to the bones and mind.


45 min 450 AED
Waxing for men

The Moroccan shower, referred to in Arabic just as hammam is a convention spread over the Middle East.

The Morrocan Bath starts with relieving hair treatment with unadulterated and common wheat germ oil including a revitalizing head rub. This is trailed by profound purging utilizing customary Moroccan Natural Olive Soap, which rapidly enters the skin separating any dead skin cells that have gathered on our bodies after some time.


60 min 600 AED
Waxing for men

Abdominal treatment can positively affect the physical, mental, and social prosperity of individuals.

It's idea to enhance by and large wellbeing and health. Stomach back rub may give these extra advantages.

About us

EuroSPA is a licensed spa center, providing hight quality massage service. Our therapists are professionaly trained masseuses from Europe. We are offering Russian and European massage techniques. We have an individual approach for every customer wether it's proper treatment or just relaxing.

In case if you have any questions or want to reserve luxury massage procedure, you are welcome to contact us +971-56-2279600. You can always visit us at the 2nd floor in Auris Inn Muhanna Hotel (Tecom). We will be happy to serve you, and we sure that you will be our regular customer. We also provide loyalty program and club cards for our regular customers, you are welcome to our family.

It is well-known that massage is not only a good way to relax but it can also be successfully used to prevent diseases. Dubai massage is an excellent cosmetic and hygienic method of maintaining youth and longevity, a powerful tool for physical improvement of your body. Our Dubai massage beneficially affects the physiological state of a person, in addition to a powerful psychotherapeutic effect, Dubai massage allows you to improve your figure and metabolism.

Choose the optimal set of Dubai massage procedures for obtaining maximum pleasure. Our professional Dubai massage SPA-masters from Ukraine, Russia, Romania and Turkey, will be glad to help you make the right choice. With the help of miraculous touches they will provide you with the unforgettable sensations. The most fascinating journey that a person can make in his life is a journey inside himself. Do it together with our european massage center - along the river of delights to the shores of health and beauty.

Paradise on Earth exists and this is our Dubai massage SPA center where you will be able to enjoy Swedish relaxing massage, deep tissue strong massage, four hands massage with two therapists and other services, each of which is worth trying.

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